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The film

The story of an American icon and its mysterious collapse.

Few brands have provided more childhood memories than Schwinn Bicycles. From its founding in Chicago in 1895 to its bankruptcy in 1992, Schwinn provided kids and adults with a freewheeling freedom like they had never had before. Now thirty years removed from the company’s mysterious collapse, the full story of its rise and fall is being told.

No Hands: The Wild Ride of the Schwinn Bicycle Company” is a documentary feature that explores Schwinn’s storied history, from the iconic Sting-Ray to its widespread influence in the worlds of BMX and mountain biking. Through the accounts of fans, collectors and the Schwinn family themselves, No Hands tells the story of a brand that changed American cycling forever and survived through the struggles of American manufacturing, family drama, fads and business forces that ultimately led to its demise. No Hands is the love letter to Schwinn that generations of kids deserve.

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Meet the real stars of the documentary, and get ready to fire up your memories. 

Everything that these bicycles represent has to do with Americana.

Leon Dixon


See the team that made No Hands possible, from the people who brought you “Loopers: The Caddie's Long Walk” and “Beyond the Brick: A LEGO Brickumentary.”


Meet the team

Behind the scenes

Take a look at the story behind the story that took the crew across the USA.

A Ride through time

There’s so much more we couldn’t fit into the story. Have a look at some of the classic Schwinn ads, sales materials, communications and more.
Full Timeline
  • 1895

    Schwinn’s Founding

    The establishment of Arnold, Schwinn & Company by Ignaz Schwinn and Adolf Arnold in Chicago marks the beginning of Schwinn's journey in the bicycle industry.
  • 1911

    Excelsior Motorcycle Co

    Schwinn expanded its portfolio by acquiring the Excelsior Motorcycle Company, diversifying into motorbikes.
  • 1933

    The Balloon Tire

    Schwinn introduces the first balloon tire bicycle in America, revolutionizing bicycle comfort and performance.
  • 1934

    The Autocycle

    The introduction of the Schwinn Autocycle sets a new standard in bicycle design and aesthetics.
  • 1938

    The Paramount

    The launch of the Schwinn Paramount, a premier racing bicycle, influences competitive cycling design for over fifty years.
  • 1941

    World Record Speed

    Alfred LeTourneau sets a bicycle speed record of 108.92 mph on a Schwinn Paramount in Bakersfield, California.
  • 1942


    Schwinn shifts focus to support the WWII effort, producing military bicycles and equipment for the US.
  • 1946

    Influencer Marketing

    Schwinn pioneers influencer marketing, featuring celebrities like Roy Rogers and Ronald Reagan in its catalogs.
  • 1949

    The Phantom

    Schwinn introduces the Phantom, adding a new icon to its lineup of innovative bicycles.
  • 1958

    Advertising & Captain Kangaroo

    Schwinn became a pioneer in TV advertising, marketing their bicycles on "Captain Kangaroo" to millions of children across the US.
  • 1959

    Schwinn Comic Book

    Schwinn releases its own comic book, engaging young audiences with branded storytelling.
  • 1963

    The Sting-Ray

    The release of the Schwinn Sting-Ray, inspired by "chopper" motorcycles, catalyzes the creation of BMX riding and becomes Schwinn's all-time bestseller.
  • 1970

    The Varsity

    The 1970 bike boom was dominated by the Schwinn Varsity, making multi-speed bicycles accessible and popular in the US.
  • 1978

    Fitness Equipment

    Schwinn introduces the AirDyne, a popular at-home exerciser, tapping into the home fitness market.
  • 1979

    The Birth of Mountain Biking

    A nationwide broadcast showcases people in Marin County riding Schwinn Excelsior X bicycles off-road, sparking the mountain bike movement.
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