Executive Produced By

  • Jim Packer

    Tiburon Films
    During his 25-year entertainment industry career with leading content companies Lionsgate, MGM and The Walt Disney Company, Jim Packer has been a key architect in crafting each studio’s strategies for capitalizing on distribution opportunities in a fast-changing world marketplace. Jim’s independent documentary "Beyond the Brick, a LEGO Brickumentary" premiered in theaters summer of 2015 and “Loopers: The Caddie’s Long Walk” premiered in 2019. Jim owned several Schwinn bikes in his lifetime, and wishes he’d kept them all.
  • Chris Brown

    Gem Pictures
    Chris’ film “Beyond the Brick, a LEGO Brickumentary” was narrated by Jason Bateman and opened to rave reviews at the Tribeca Film Festival. It premiered in theaters Summer 2015. He was also Executive Producer of the Bill Murray-narrated independent documentary “Loopers: The Caddie’s Long Walk.” Chris is co-founder of GEM (
  • David Brookwell

    Brookwell McNamara
    David Brookwell is a television and film producer, writer and director. Brookwell is the co-founder of Brookwell McNamara Entertainment (BME) with longtime partner Sean McNamara. Brookwell and McNamara are known for their work in the tween television and film market. BME has made television shows for Disney Channel, Disney XD, CBS, Cartoon Network, The N, and Nickelodeon. They are also the team who created the successful feature film, "Soul Surfer." David has four Emmy Award Nominations and won a BAFTA Award in 2002. He brings years of producing and production management experience to the team.
  • Carl Cramer

    Inspired by Steven Spielberg films as a kid, Carl went on the Universal Studios Tour as a teenager. He never dreamed he’d be working on that very studio backlot not more than a few years later. At first he worked as a production assistant, then as a staff writer for Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment. Trained by Emmy award winning editor/producer Arthur W. Forney, 14 years after his first editing project he says, "I’m still a student of the craft."
  • Khristian Howell

    KSQD Media
    Khristian A. Howell is a designer, author and entrepreneur who has been featured in numerous national publications and worked with top retailers and manufacturers. With her background in design and journalism, she has created compelling communication for brands and clients and has become a sought after contributor for many elite publications. Khristian brings a strong vision to KSQD projects through creative direction, strategy and in business leadership.
  • George Howell

    KSQD Media
    George Howell is an award-winning former National News Correspondent and Anchor at CNN. He is known to audiences both domestic and abroad for his show, The CNN Newsroom with George Howell, which aired LIVE in more than 260 million television households in more than 200 countries and territories around the world. A journalist with more than 20 years in the industry, Howell left his role at CNN with an interest to innovate at the intersections of technology, media, and storytelling.

A Film By

  • Daniel Clarke

    Daniel Clarke is a documentary filmmaker and avid mountain biker, based in Boulder, CO. He is a partner at Human, a creative agency known for emotive storytelling where he serves as Head Of Studios, overseeing all original and branded production. He created and directed FERAL, a Discovery+ Original documentary that tells the sad story of hundreds of thousands of unowned domestic cats in Hawaii and their unfortunate impact on native wildlife. His childhood bike was a Schwinn.
  • Katie Baldwin

    Story Producer
    Katie is a Boulder, Colorado-based advertising Account Director by day, helping brands bring their visions to life for almost 12 years. She has been acquainted with the film industry throughout her career, primarily through campaign work. This documentary has been a bit of a passion project for her, especially living in Boulder where cycling is a major part of the culture. But more than anything, she was drawn to the doc due to the compelling untold story and the evolving details that emerged along the way. 
  • Daniel Routh

    Director of Photography
    Daniel has worked all over the world on various commercial, documentary, and narrative projects and he thoroughly enjoys the hybrid role that being a DP is between creative, technical and leadership roles. His goal is to elevate and communicate each story with as much elegance and feel as possible, infusing every frame with purpose and intention. “This doc tells the story of the lifecycle of a brand that solidified itself beyond just a product but into something cultural. Schwinn bicycles literally helped shape the childhoods of so many young kids in the United States and beyond and it had a major role in shaping what the sport is today.”
  • Miguel Hernandez

    Miguel is a dynamic film production force. A charismatic problem solver, he tackles on-set production problems and addresses post-production workflows with a veteran mentality. As for biking, he loves gravel riding for the sense of adventure it brings, taking him off the beaten path and connecting him intimately with nature and fellow enthusiasts. This passion is echoed in making a documentary about the Schwinn Bicycle Company, where he can explore the rich history and unique stories behind their bikes, capturing the spirit of innovation and community that resonates with his gravel riding experiences.
  • Josh Bernales

    Camera Operator
    Josh is a cinematographer based out of Colorado but originally from New Zealand. Before he joined the film industry, his life was all about cycling, working at a bike shop in New Zealand. His film career has centered around documentary work. He loves hearing and helping to tell people's stories. On “No Hands: The Wild Ride of the Schwinn Bicycle Company” Josh embodied the independent documentary spirit, serving primarily as camera operator but taking on whatever roles were needed throughout the production. As a bike fanatic, he also savored the chance to ride down Mount Tamalpais with Joe Breeze during the shoot.